USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 Program Evaluation

The Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 (EPT2) program assists countries to reduce the risks and impact of
pandemic threats, applying a One Health (OH) approach. Implementing partners include three
projects—PREDICT 2, One Health Workforce, and the Preparedness and Response Project—and
partners the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Health Organization. This midterm
evaluation identifies strengths and challenges in EPT2, re-evaluates its initial priorities in light of the
evolving state of science and the work of other partners, and provides feedback to EPT2, USAID and
the U.S. Government’s Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA).

EPT2 is credited with raising awareness and understanding of the importance of a OH approach, serving
as a catalyst to bring government sectors together into the approach, strengthening laboratory and
surveillance capacities, strengthening the current and future workforce capacity, and promoting crosssectoral
collaboration and country ownership. Among EPT2’s contributions to knowledge is its work in
detecting emergence, prediction models, work on triangulation (i.e., wildlife-livestock-humans) to study
spillover, as well as work in risk mitigation and developing relevant tools and technologies for a OH
approach. EPT2 contributes to the success of the GHSA, and fills a critical niche in country capacity
building for multisectoral coordination and the agriculture/livestock area of animal health. It is expected
to continue helping countries sustain the benefits of the work on which they have partnered and is
encouraged to complete its triangulation studies as a benefit to countries and the OH field at large.

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Constance A. Carrino
Daniel Lucey
Marguerite Pappaioanou
Publication date: 
March, 2018
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GH Pro