Support for International Family Planning Organizations II (SIFPO2) Project Evaluation

USAID’S Support for International Family Planning Organizations II (SIFPO2) aims to increase access to and use of high-quality, affordable family planning. In 2014, three five-year cooperative agreements were awarded to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Marie Stopes International (MSI), and Population Services International (PSI). This evaluation used multiple methods to assess: the extent to which the USAID global family planning core resources strengthened the capacity of the implementing partners (IPs) and their country platforms; areas for improvement; and processes and models which were used to transfer capacity to the field.

A major focus for all three IPs was the strengthening of organizational systems related to FP clinical quality and data management. IPPF focused on Health Management Information Systems, including District Health Information Software 2 pilots. MSI’s activities focused mostly on improving FP service delivery (quality and access) and significantly strengthened the Medical Development Team. PSI invested in FP clinical and data systems and their dissemination to in-country programs.

Regarding sustainability, IPPF’s decentralized structure reinforced regional capacity. MSI “embedded” systems, tools, and innovations, which became part of its “organizational DNA.” PSI created “catalytic movements” across the organization. All three IPs contributed to an improvement in method choice.

Areas for improvement include health financing, including leveraging domestic financing; a stronger commitment to gender and equity; and greater clarity of purpose of sub-recipient partnerships.

The evaluation concluded that SIFPO2 was catalytic for all three organizations, and transcended respective IPs, positively impacting the wider family planning community of practice at national and global levels.

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Sarah Castle, Gabrielle Appleford, Pellavi Sharma, and Erika Houghtaling
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December, 2018
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GH Pro