President's Malaria Initiative Expansion Project in the Democractic Rebulic of the Congo Final Performance Evaluation Report

The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Expansion Project (PMI-EP) is a five-year USAID cooperative agreement through the PMI initiative started on October 18, 2012, and scheduled to end on October 17, 2017. The purpose of the project is to support the Democratic Republic of the Congo in efforts to increase coverage and use of key malaria interventions and to strengthen the health system to provide sustainable, high-quality preventive and curative services.

This final performance evaluation is intended to help assess: 1) increased use of malaria prevention interventions; 2) improved malaria diagnosis and treatment; 3) strengthened health system to support malaria programs; 4) facilitating and limiting factors; 5) innovative approaches; and 6) recognition of USAID and PMI support. The evaluation consisted of a review of project background documents, field visits for data collection, and triangulation to compare existing baseline data to currently available data.

The key findings revealed overall the project has made significant contributions to the increase in availability and access to malaria prevention, diagnostic, and treatment interventions. This is especially commendable given the constraints the project has faced in terms of inadequate communications networks and extremely poor condition of roads, weak existing capacity of the health system and supply chain management system, and lack of adequate financial motivation of health workers.

Based on these evaluation findings, it can be concluded that PMI-EP has contributed to an increase in availability and use of malaria prevention and treatment products and services. It is recommended that future malaria projects expand upon and sustain these achievements.

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Jeannie Brown
Hilaire Zon
Leonard Kasereka
Bavon Mupenda
Publication date: 
December, 2017
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GH Pro