Performance Evaluation of FHI 360’S Envision Family Planning Project

Envision Family Planning (FP) is USAID’s flagship contraceptive technology research project. Envision FP is a five-year cooperative agreement awarded to FHI 360 in August 2015 with the overall goal to broaden choice of and access to quality, affordable, and acceptable contraceptives to meet the changing needs and desires of women and girls throughout their reproductive lives.

The evaluation consisted of three key questions: 1) How has the evidence generated been used to inform the development, introduction, expansion and understanding of contraceptive technologies? 2) To what extent has Envision FP achieved each aim? 3) Recommendations for implementation priorities for the remainder of Envision FP and for future program design, and identify new priorities that should be addressed in future projects. The evaluation methodology consisted of key informant interviews with FHI 360, partners, and funders, and document reviews.

Key findings include: generation of evidence on the effectiveness of the injectable contraception depot medroxyprogesterone acetate—DMPA—at lower doses and extension of re-injection intervals; successful responses to product-related issues that arose in the field; effective coordination and leadership of the Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes (ECHO) trial, which generated critical data on the risk of HIV acquisition and contraceptive methods that led to a publication in the journal The Lancet; updating evidence on drug-drug interactions between hormonal contraception and anti-retroviral therapy, and spearheading the development of a one-month microneedle contraceptive patch in partnership with Georgia Tech. FHI 360 has been successful in meeting key project goals and is praised by its partners for their valuable contribution to the field.

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Katia Peterson and Kelly O’Hanley
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November, 2019
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GH Pro