Midterm Performance Evaluation of Myanmar Defeat Malaria Activity

The Defeat Malaria Activity is a five-year (2016–2021), $32 million award implemented in Myanmar’s Kayin and Rakhine states and Tanintharyi region. University Research Co., LLC, the prime recipient of the award, works to scale up proven malaria control interventions with the American Refugee Committee, Jhpiego, the Duke Global Health Institute, the Myanmar Health Assistant Association, and the Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Association.

The purpose of this midterm evaluation was to assess Defeat Malaria implementation and performance to date and make actionable recommendations for improvements needed to meet the Activity’s intended objectives. The evaluation used a mixed-method approach that relied on in-depth interviews and document reviews.

The evaluation team found that, overall, Defeat Malaria has demonstrated high performance. It achieved nearly 100 percent household coverage of long-lasting insecticidal nets, although utilization remains sub-optimal among high-risk groups such as migrant workers. Defeat Malaria has built and maintained the capacity of village malaria workers/private providers (VMWs/PPs) to undertake case management at the community level and attained 30 percent coverage of the entire population in activity areas. However, most hard-to-reach villages lack a VMW/PP, though they receive services through other approaches, such as mobile teams. Vector-borne disease control surveillance capacity is low among the townships visited for this evaluation, due in part to inadequate technical capacity and insufficient staffing to carry out activities.

The evaluation team has three priority recommendations that must be addressed during the last three years of Defeat Malaria: increase VMW/PP coverage in hard-to-reach villages, develop a VMW/PP exit strategy, and intensify efforts to increase vector-borne disease control capacity at the township level.

Operating Unit: 
Dr. Katia Peterson, Dr. Ohnmar, and Dr. Thu Naing
Publication date: 
February, 2019
Technical Area: 
Contract mechanism: 
GH Pro