Midterm Performance Evaluation of the Mayer Hashi Family Planning Project (MH-II)

The purpose of the Mayer Hashi II (MH-II) Project Mid-Term Performance Evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of the project's approach to increasing the utilization of family planning (FP) services with a focus on long-acting and permanent methods (LAPMs). The evaluation assesses the achievements and results against expectations and the relevance of project activities to date. The findings and recommendations from this evaluation will inform USAID/Bangladesh, the Government of Bangladesh (GOB), and other stakeholders about the best ways to use project technical assistance in order to maximize results over the remaining life of the project, and the design of future FP projects that support the national FP program.

The evaluation was conducted by a team of six consultants between March 27, 2016, and May 3, 2016. It covered the period from the project's inception in September 2013 to December 2015. The methodology combined a review and analysis of quantitative data and application of qualitative techniques. Data sources included (1) document and data review; (2) key informant interviews (KIIs); (3) secondary data analysis of routine service statistics and the project's Monitoring and Evaluation Plan; (4) focus group discussions (FGDs) with service providers, community members, users and non-users of LAPMs and NGO volunteers; and (5) facility observations.

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Pinar Senlet
Katya Burns
Soliman Guirgis
M.E. Khan
Nasima Kamal
Publication date: 
September, 2016
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GH Pro