Mid-term Management Review of the Challenge TB Project

The purpose of this mid-term management review is to assess the overall project management, successes, and opportunities for improvement of the Challenge TB (CTB) project. The results of the management review will be used to provide feedback and recommendations to CTB on project operations and management. The following evaluation questions were addressed:

1. Is the project aligned with the guiding principles outlined in the RFA and CTB cooperative agreement program description and work plans? Is it “on track” to deliver the committed results?

2. Does the structure enable the project to communicate and coordinate activities at all levels of the project and with all partners? For example, when problems arise at the country level, is the Project Management Unit (PMU) and partner headquarter response effective and implemented according to CTB policies? Is CTB alerting USAID to problems early so they can help to resolve them before it becomes a crisis?

3. Is the project working in an efficient manner? Are there the appropriate cost controls within the project? Are the additional coalition costs adding value?

4. How has the project implemented quality control activities to ensure technical soundness of assistance and deliverables?

5. With respect to the project’s ability to respond to emerging and expanding technical priorities, list the strengths and areas for improvement of the current recruitment, on-boarding, and continuing staff development processes. In particular, how is the project building the capacity of country level staff to work more independently?

6. To what extent is the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan being implemented in an efficient and cost-effective way?

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USAID Bureau of Global Health
Maria Miralles and Katya Burns
Publication date: 
April, 2017
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GH Pro