By design, the Evidence to Action (E2A) Project focuses on strengthening family planning (FP) services by
advancing best practices (BPs). As two high-level USAID key informants succinctly summarize, “[E2A is]
our flagship on identifying and introducing BPs and family planning” and “the underpinning of this project
is doing things that strengthen service delivery.” In its winning proposal, Pathfinder summarized E2A as a
project that “will increase global support for the use of evidenced-base best practices (BPs) to improve
FP/reproductive health (RH) service access and quality.” (Technical Approach, AID-OAA-A-11-00024,
May 2011: p.1).
This evaluation’s scope of work focused on how E2A has performed in four areas: BPs, youth
interventions, USAID’s gender priorities, and exercising global/regional leadership, influence, and
partnership. This report centers on evaluation team responses to these questions. Data analyzed to
formulate responses came from reviewing 75 documents, 70 key informant interviews, and visits to
Niger, Tanzania, and Togo.
Given the wide range of BPs, E2A focused on just a few to get started, gaining momentum as more
Missions learned about the project. It is currently well-positioned, under a three-year extension, to
continue making contributions at country, regional, and global levels. Over time, field support funding
increased to a level approaching E2A’s $230 million ceiling. To date, the project has fielded and
generated evidence on BPs in 15 sub-Saharan countries, including expanding method mix in Burundi,
Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania; post-abortion care/FP in Burkina Faso and Togo; youth-friendly services
in Ethiopia, Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Tanzania; the Training Resource Package in pre-service
midwifery education in Uganda and Tanzania; and population, health, and environment in Uganda and
Kenya. In its remaining years, E2A will continue to apply, advance, scale up, and generate and consolidate
evidence and share the learning on these and other BPs.

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Dr. Donald Lauro
Elizabeth McDavid
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August, 2017
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